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Facebook testing News and Stories merger

Facebook is testing a new update which will merge the News feed with the Stories function.

Currently, the social media site allows users to post updates onto a News feed as well as add pictures and watch videos through the Stories mode, which is the same feature that was added to Instagram, and runs in a similar way to Snapchat.

But according to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is now testing a new update which will merge these platforms together, allowing users to watch the temporary Stories whilst also getting general updates such as statuses and news stories their friends have shared on the News feed.

Posting a video of her phone scrolling past various stories on her own Facebook profile, Jane tweeted: "Facebook is testing to turn News Feed into Story Feed.

"This integrates Posts and Stories into one, allowing users to consume both within the same reel of content. This UI also shows the regular Sponsored Posts like how the News Feed would."

Jane found the prototype within the Facebook Android app, but as it is an unreleased prototype, there's no guarantee that the social media giant will press forward with the release.

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