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Google to launch cheaper Pixel phones

Google's new line of Pixel phones will be cheaper than earlier models.

The tech giants have announced plans to launch the Google Pixel 3a and the larger 3a XL, both of which will cost around half the price of the original Pixel 3, which was launched just seven months ago.

According to the BBC, the 3a will cost £399, while the larger 3a XL model will be £469, and both phones have been announced in an attempt to jump-start sales of the Pixel brand with affordable handsets for those on a budget.

Until now, Google had one of the highest entry point prices for Android phones, with the basic model costing around £70 more than Samsung's Galaxy S10e and £40 more than Huawei's P30.

The new versions share many of the features of the more expensive Pixels, including OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays for rich colours and the firm's Night Sight facility, which uses machine-learning based artificial intelligence to enhance images taken in low-light conditions.

In addition, the phones will also provide use of Google's new augmented reality maps, which superimpose arrow graphics over views of the scene ahead.

Mario Queiroz, chief of Google's product division, told the BBC: "For us, what's important is for Pixel to get into the hands of more and more people. Most phones in this general price range are phones from last year or from two years ago, or they are phones that are 'specced' very differently and even have different brands. We wanted to bring a true Pixel experience to this price point."

As of the time of writing, it's not known when the new phones will be available to purchase.

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