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Ayrton Senna honoured with 360 app

Ayrton Senna is being honoured with a virtual museum 25 years after his death.

The Formula One legend - who tragically died in an accident at Imola in 1994 aged 34 - was recognised with the creation of the Brazilian non-governmental organisation shortly after his death with the goal of finding opportunities for human development in collaboration with businesses, schools, universities and more.

Now, the Ayrton Senna Institute has unveiled a series of apps for iOS, Android and the web to offer fans the chance to explore a virtual museum in an interactive experience looking at his racing career.

Through the Senna 360, fans can inspect a virtual version of one of this racing cars, or even wear one of his famous helmets for a unique selfie.

Bianca Senna, Director of Branding at Instituto Ayrton Senna, said: "Seeing Ayrton's story being told through a virtual museum is truly incredible.

"Modern technology allows us to experience Ayrton's story in an unprecedented way, without any limits. We're sure fans will love this innovation and also contribute to the Institute."

And Alexander Hartman, Executive Director of Spin Lab, added: "We are delighted to work with Instituto Ayrton Senna to develop the Senna 360 virtual museum as a celebration of Ayrton Senna's racing career.

"Senna 360 delivers an unprecedented immersive experience for Ayrton Senna fans that brings back the best memories and moments from one of the greatest drivers of all time."

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