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Facebook plans Avatars for Messenger and News Feed

Facebook is reportedly launching Avatars for Messenger and News Feed.

The social network is said to be set to give users a playful way to represent themselves in both chats and comments, with the new feature already available in Australia.

As reported by TechCunch, the Avatars are expected to be rolled out to all users towards the end of this year or early 2020.

People will have a selection of gender neutral designs - which have a polished, 3D look - to choose from, which can be customised with 18 traits and clothing items.

While there are obvious design differences between Avatars and Snapchat's Bitmoji icons, the former also won't yet be able to be used with other apps like keyboards.

Also unlike Bitmoji, there won't be a feature allowing users to snap a photo to start the creation process.

A Facebook spokesperson said: "We want to make sure we don't show you something totally opposite of the photo. There's sensitivity around facial recognition."

Earlier this earlier, Snapchat took the next step as they moved into multiplayer gaming with 'Bitmoji Party'.

Players are cast as their personalised Snapchat avatars in the game - being rolled out around the world - and it can be accessed by hitting the new rocket icon inside the chat window, and then inviting your friends to play.

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