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YouTube will reconsider harassment policies

YouTube has promised to reconsider its harassment policies.

The video sharing platform has said it could update its policies, and vowed to consult journalists, experts, creators, and those who have experienced harassment in a bid to figure out the best course of action.

In a blog post, YouTube confirmed: "In the coming months, we will be taking a hard look at our harassment policies with an aim to update them -- just as we have to so many policies over the years -- in consultation with experts, creators, journalists and those who have, themselves, been victims of harassment.

"We are determined to evolve our policies, and continue to hold our creators and ourselves to a higher standard."

However, the company also explained the balance they have to strike between taking action and not limiting freedom of speech.

They added: "Not everyone will agree with the calls we make -- some will say we haven't done enough; others will say we've gone too far.

"And, sometimes, a decision to leave an offensive video on the site will look like us defending people who have used their platforms and audiences to bully, demean, marginalise or ignore others.

"If we were to take all potentially offensive content down, we'd be losing valuable speech -- speech that allows people everywhere to raise their voices, tell their stories, question those in power, and participate in the critical cultural and political conversations of our day."

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