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Apple and Microsoft work together on iCloud app

Apple and Microsoft have joined forces for a new iCloud app for Windows 10.

The surprising collaboration between the rival tech giants sees them work together on a feature similar to

OneDrive's Files On-Demand feature, which allows any files stored on iCloud to be accessed by the Windows 10 PC, enabling the freeing up of disk space.

The new app is available to download in the Microsoft Store.

Meanwhile, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella previously said the company isn't planning to get rid of Windows.

The multinational technology company - founded by Bill Yates and Paul Allen - has endured many changes since the 51-year-old business executive took over the reins in 2014 but he's adamant he has no plans to ditch the highly popular operating system and, instead, he aims to make it so everything can work with the software.

He said in 2018: "We are the Windows company, after all."

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