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Twitter executive says social media 'contributes to radicalisation'

Senior Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde says social media "contributes" to "radicalisation".

The micro-blogging app's legal specialist has commented on the impact apps like Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube can influence people's views on political and social issues.

However, she is reassured that Twitter have put in place necessary "mechanisms and "policies" that prevent radical behaviour on the platform.

Gadded said: "I think there is content on Twitter and every platform that contributes to radicalisation, no doubt, but I think we also have a lot of mechanisms and policies in place that we enforce very effectively that combat this."

She went on to explain that Twitter recently removed 1.6 million accounts for posting terror-related content.

Speaking at the recent Code Conference, she explained: "We have a violent extremist group policy that has banned over 110 violent extremist groups, 90 plus percent of those are white supremacist or white nationalist groups, including the American Nazi Party, the Proud Boys, the KKK.

"If you have any affiliation, if you claim any affiliation to those parties, you are not allowed on Twitter, period. You can't have any accounts - I want to be very clear, that is our policy."

The firm has ramped up their use of technology to decipher what content is abusive and is against their policies, but they admitted that it's not always easy as what is offensive to one person isn't to another.

Twitter Product Lead, Kayvon Beykpour, added:

"One of the things we've really had to step up from a product and technology standpoint is proactively de-amplifying content that we don't think should be amplified."

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