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Google insists it isn't trying to hurt ad blockers

Google has insisted it isn't trying to kill ad blockers.

The search engine has come under criticism for its pan to improve extensions in the Chrome web browser, and now the company has spoken out to try and clarify its stance.

Writing on the Google Security Blog, Devlin Cronin said: "We are not preventing the development of ad blockers or stopping users from blocking ads.

"Instead, we want to help developers, including content blockers, write extensions in a way that protects users' privacy."

There have been fears the Manifest v3 part of Google's plan could hurt ad blockers, as well as other extensions that modify website content.

It is designed to improve performance, privacy and security for Chrome extensions, but part of the charge limits how those extensions can modify sites.

There is a long list of rules, which includes blocking content from internet addresses supplying ads, and there are developers which think it will hurt their ad-blocking and privacy extensions.

Google's Simeon Vincent insisted the idea that the changes have been designed to "weaken ad blockers" is a "misconception".

He wrote on the Chromium Blog: "There's been a lot of confusion and misconception around both the motivations and implications of this change, including speculation that these changes were designed to prevent or weaken ad blockers.

"This is absolutely not the goal."

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