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Google rolls out automatic data deletion function

Google has started rolling out a new feature which will allow users to delete their data every few months.

The technology giants first announced the new features - which will allow users to set a time limit after which the company will automatically delete location history rather than continue to hoard it forever - back in May this year, and they've now begun rolling it out across Google accounts.

To activate the system, users need to visit their Google account's Activity Controls page and find the "Manage Activity" section, under Web & App Activity and Location History sections.

There, they can find a prompt labelled "choose to delete automatically," where Google has listed two options for clearing the data: once every three months or once every 18 months.

Google's new feature is opt-in rather than default, meaning users have to follow the instructions to set up the option, rather than being automatically enrolled in the new system.

Users are also able to manually delete their data, and can also turn off Google's collection of this kind of information entirely, although it will lose them the ability to see where they've been, get venue recommendations, and get "personalised experiences" in search.

Google began rolling out the new features on iOS and Android on Wednesday (26.05.19), but they will continue to roll out over "the next few weeks globally," so some users may have to wait a little longer before they have access to the function.

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