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Amazon opens up Alexa Answers to everyone

Amazon is opening up Alexa Answers to anyone.

The online retailer is expanding the crowdsourced programme - which allows users to add answers to questions the device doesn't already know - following an early invitation-only beta which launched in December last year.

Users will be able to filter questions by certain categories - including 'most frequently asked' and 'newest' - or by topics, and then submit the answer.

In an added twist, Amazon wants to turn the feature into a game with users earning points when Alexa uses their answer.

People getting involved will be ranked on leaderboards featuring the most helpful responses, and you'll also be able to find out how often the device uses your question.

However, there are issues with regards to fact checking as Amazon doesn't look to have a formal system in place to confirm the answers are correct.

Instead, users will be able to give responses a thumbs up or down and a star rating, while you'll also get to flag incorrect answers.

Amazon added: "[If more than one answer is given] Alexa may rotate between answers until she gains enough feedback to determine which answer is the most useful."

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