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Self-driving taxi tested in Singapore

A self-driving taxi has been tested in Singapore.

The Volocopter was seen hovering over the Asian country's iconic Marina Bay setting as its autonomous setting was tested.

It has enough space inside for two passengers and their luggage.

The Volocopter has a number of backup safety features incase the autonomous system fails.

Writing about the vehicle on their website, they shared: "The Volocopter 2X incorporates superior design systems in all critical areas assuring the highest degree of reliability. This encompasses propellers, electric motors, battery packs, electronics, displays and much more. In addition, all communication networks are connected via the latest optical fibers - in other words "fly-by-light". There are also numerous support systems for flight control and stabilization. Also on board, although you will never require it, is an emergency parachute ...

"We like perfection, precision and reliability. This applies also to the Volocopter 2X which incorporates each and every one of these characteristics. After all, everything was planned, developed and built at the German company headquarters in Bruchsal. From the initial idea to the software and electronic components through to the latest version."

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