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Google thinks Stadia sums up technological drive in video game industry

Google thinks Stadia is setting a technological precedent for the video game industry.

The company - which launches its gaming streaming service on Tuesday (19.11.19) - has taken an innovative step by cutting out consoles and moving towards a browser-led experience for users.

Google's vice president Phil Harrison told BBC Radio One: "I don't claim that this innovation is going to change the world overnight.

"But I think this is the direction of travel and that this will be a very strong future for the games industry to create these kind of streaming experiences.

"We're not the only ones thinking about this."

Despite the technological advancements - gamers will be able to accent latest titles simply with a decent internet connection and a Google Chrome browser - Harrison added that the company's new platform isn't "particularly revolutionary" when compared to other industries.

He explained: "I don't think what we're doing is particularly revolutionary when you consider what's happened in the music, television and film industries.

"They've moved from being packaged goods, discs, CDs, DVDs, blu rays, to almost exclusively an online and streaming experience."

He also pointed out how streaming could be cheaper for users, as they won't need to buy the latest consoles or graphic card updates for a PC.

He said: ""It allows more gamers to have access to more of the latest, greatest games without the need for these complicated, expensive pieces of hardware - which, let's not forget, also require updates, download patches, installs."

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