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YouTube bans 'maliciously insulting' videos

YouTube is banning "maliciously insulting" videos from the site.

The video-sharing platform has announced they will not allow clips that are intended to mock people based on their race, gender or sexual orientation, in a major crackdown on "toxic" users.

The Google-owned site has vowed to demonetise channels who publish such content in "a pattern of repeated behaviour across multiple videos or comments, even if any individual video doesn't cross our policy line".

Bosses have said that those who do not stick to the new rule, could see their entire channels or some of their content removed.

YouTube's Vice President said: "As we make these changes, it's vitally important that YouTube remain a place where people can express a broad range of ideas, and we'll continue to protect discussion on matters of public interest and artistic expression.

"We also believe these discussions can be had in ways that invite participation, and never make someone fear for their safety."

They are also going to apply the rules to "truly toxic" comments.

He added: "This behaviour not only impacts the person targeted by the harassment, but can also have a chilling effect on the entire conversation."

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