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Samsung smashes 5G sales expectations

Samsung says its 5G phone sales surpassed expectations.

The tech giant has revealed it shipped more than 6.7 million Galaxy 5G models last year after its first 5G device hit the market in May.

By early September, the company has sold 2 million units, and at the time the goal was to hit 4 million by the end of 2019.

However, the actual figure - which is a small fraction of Samsung's total smartphone sales - means the firm makes up over half of the global 5G smartphone market.

Meanwhile, the company said it plans to introduce "new advancements that will improve the speed, performance and security of Galaxy 5G devices even further".

Meanwhile, last year Samsung revealed its aim of shifting six million Galaxy Fold devices in 2020 after originally planning on 10 million before a stuttered launch.

Among the problems with the device, most - including screens that continually flickered and hinge bulges - were caused by users peeling off a protective film on the screen that looked removable, but should not have been removed.

Bloomberg's sources said Samsung stretched the protective film across the entire screen and into "the outer bezels so it would be impossible to peel off by hand".

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