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Google Chrome's privacy changes coming this year

Google's Chrome team will start testing its privacy sandbox proposals later this year.

The company's browser tests - which were announced this week - are part of its effort to make it more difficult for advertisers, publishers and data brokers to access personal data without permission and track users online.

In a blog post, Justin Schuh - director, Chrome Engineering - said: "We are working actively across the ecosystem so that browsers, publishers, developers, and advertisers have the opportunity to experiment with these new mechanisms, test whether they work well in various situations, and develop supporting implementations, including ad selection and measurement, denial of service (DoS) prevention, anti-spam/fraud, and federated authentication."

He added that the plan is to "phase out support for third-party cookies" in the browser by 2022.

Schuh continued: "Once these approaches have addressed the needs of users, publishers, and advertisers, and we have developed the tools to mitigate workarounds, we plan to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome.

"Our intention is to do this within two years. But we cannot get there alone, and that's why we need the ecosystem to engage on these proposals.

"We plan to start the first origin trials by the end of this year, starting with conversion measurement and following with personalisation."

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