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WhatsApp 'improving last details' before launching Dark Mode

WhatsApp are working out a few tweaks before launching Dark Mode.

The social media messaging site has said the feature is currently "under development" whilst they work out a few kinks.

The app said in a statement: "WhatsApp is continuing to work on the Dark Theme, improving the last details before the release.

"It is continuing to add new features for the Dark Theme before the release.

"For this reason, it's normal if you don't see [Dark Theme] in WhatsApp, as it is under development."

The Facebook-owned Instant messaging service made the app's mode to reduce the eye strain and reserve battery power available on Android devices such as Samsung and Huawei on the Beta version of WhatsApp last year.

However, it's still not know when the consumer app will get Dark Mode.

Facebook Messenger already has its own 'Dark Mode'.

The social media app was long rumoured to be getting the tool which enables the screen to go black for night time - much like Twitter's version.

In order to activate the feature, users had to send the crescent moon emoji to themselves or a friend and then click on the emoji once it has sent.

A pop-up message then appears saying "you have found dark mode".

It's then able to be turned off in the settings.

Dark Mode is intended to make night time reading on the app easier.

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