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Google and Alphabet CEO on AI regulation

Google and Alphabet's boss has called for AI regulations.

CEO Sundar Pichai has spoke out about the dangers posed by technology like facial recognition and deepfakes, and stressed any change is legislation must be sure to balance "potential harms" with "social opportunities".

He wrote in the Financial Times: "[T]here is no question in my mind that artificial intelligence needs to be regulated. It is too important not to.

"The only question is how to approach it."

Despite being an advocate for new regulation, Pichai wants a more cautious approach which doesn't see many controls placed on the technology.

While products like self-driving cars would require "appropriate new rules", he suggested products in other areas - including healthcare - could be covered by extending existing frameworks.

He added: "Companies such as ours cannot just build promising new technology and let market forces decide how it will be used.

"It is equally incumbent on us to make sure that technology is harnessed for good and available to everyone."

The chief executive also noted the importance of "international alignment" when it comes to "making global standards work".

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