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Google 'can revoke software licenses from Android TV makers who also work with Amazon'

Google can reportedly revoke software licenses from Android TV manufacturers.

If the companies also make devices which run forked versions of its operating system - including the Amazon Fire TV - the tech giant's licensing terms rule that they won't be able to run the Play Store and apps on any devices they produce, which includes tables and phones.

According to Protocol, the policies come under the Android Compatibility Commitment, and it means devices wanting to use the Play Store have to run an Android version which is compatible with the Google-approved edition.

It means TV makers can't use other operating systems - such as Fire TV - if they want to use Play Store on their devices.

The report adds that this means Google can bar some of its partners from collaborating with its Amazon rival.

Google didn't respond to The Verge's question about barring manufacturers from offering both Amazon Fire and Android TV on their product lines.

However, the firm revealed Android TV devices offering its services - and the Play Store - are put through security review and compatibility testing in order to protect user data privacy and security.

Furthermore, Google also said it looks to provide "consistent and secure software experiences", suggesting some apps might not work as exepcted on a device which hasn't been through this process.

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