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Google Chrome's visual impairment tool

Google has launched a Chrome tool to help with visual impairments.

The tech giant now allows developers to mimic impairments - such as colour blindness - to fix accessibility issues online.

Developers can use the update by launching Google Chrome and accessing the new feature through the browser's developer tools.

From here, there's a new section called "emulate vision deficiencies", including a dropdown menu of vision limitations.

If a developer choose one - such as tritanopia, where a person can't distinguish between blue and yellow - they can then mimic the condition and change the colours of their website to make sure it's easier to read.

The update follows the launch of Firefox's own visual disability tools, which is significant as both browsers display websites differently.

According to Colour Blind Awareness, 300 million people across the globe - 0.5% of all women and 8% of all men - are impacted by colour blindness.

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