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Vodafone sees spike in internet traffic amid coronavirus pandemic

Vodafone has witnessed a 30 percent spike in internet traffic across its UK fixed-line and mobile networks.

The rise in demand from consumers is linked to the coronavius pandemic, which means that an increasing number of people in the UK are now working from home.

A spokesman for Vodafone told the BBC: "We have enough headroom to meet growing demand and to keep the UK connected.

"Our network team is keeping a constant watch on the situation."

TalkTalk, which is another internet provider, has also seen a significant spike in demand for its service, revealing that its daytime network traffic had risen by as much as 20 percent since Monday (16.03.20).

It has been widely speculated that the networks will be under even more strain over the coming weeks.

But TalkTalk has insisted its systems are not under any imminent danger.

The company explained: "We continually optimise our network for both our consumer and business customers and are well prepared to ensure they receive reliable connectivity."

Meanwhile, it's been announced that due to the cornavirus pandemic, the BBC will provide classes for children online because of schools being suspended.

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