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Samsung donates 2,000 smartphones to NHS staff

Samsung is donating 2,000 smartphones for NHS staff to use and keep at the UK's Nightingale hospitals.

The tech giant has announced they will be suppling the phones and much more to help support frontline healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Francis Chun, chief executive of Samsung UK and Ireland, said: "Every one of us is deeply indebted to the NHS and frontline supporters.

"However small the comfort may be, we hope that technology can alleviate some of the anguish this pandemic is inflicting on those most impacted."

The South Korean firm is also going to "install up to 35 sanitising machines at NHS Nightingale hospitals, which use ultraviolet UVC radiation to sterilise things", "send mobile workshop vans to NHS Nightingale hospitals to offer NHS staff free device repairs" and "donate advertising space on internet-connected Samsung TVs owned by the general public to display NHS health messages".

They are not the only tech companies aiding the NHS in the fight against Covid-19.

Uber are offering free rides on their electric bikes, Microsoft is offering their Teams software at no charge, whilst UK mobile network Vodafone is giving free upgrades to those on a pay-monthly contract so they can receive unlimited data.

Nightingale Hospitals have been built in cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham.

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