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Universities told online migration must be done 'the right way'

Universities have been told that their online migration must be done "the right way".

Studying has been moved online for many students amid the coronavirus pandemic - but Shai Reshef, president of online-only University of the People (UofPeople), has warned that the change needs to be made in a considered fashion.

Shai explained: "Lots of universities have shut down and asked professors to move lectures online and I think that many more universities should actually go in this direction, but they need to do it the right way.

"Don't have professors speaking for two hours. Adopt the entire pedagogy of online learning."

Since the coronavirus lockdown, UofPeople has seen a huge rise in numbers.

Speaking to the BBC, Shai reflected: "A lot are coming to us because of the pandemic.

"We have students in quarantine who feel the best way to spend their time is going back to school. We have students whose schools have shut down, and they come to us to continue their studies, and they may go back to their schools when they reopen.

"And we have a lot of people who have been laid off and realise that in order to get another job they need to study to change career."

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