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Tinder sees big changes amid lockdown scenario

User engagement with Tinder has changed markedly amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The popular dating app is facing uncertainties during the pandemic, according to Tinder chief executive Elie Seidman, who has confirmed that user engagement is up.

Data found that Tinder users made as many as three billion swipes worldwide on March 29, which is actually the most the app has ever recorded in a single day.

On the other hand, people have less money to spend - and that's bad news for Tinder, which relies on premium subscriptions for most of its profits.

Seidman told the BBC: "The [US] unemployment figures are hard to see. I'm very concerned about what happens economically for our society and the impact it will have on so many of our members."

Under Tinder's current business model, the company makes the bulk of its money from the six million subscribers who pay for the "gold" service.

And worryingly for the dating app, the number of paying-users has fallen amid the lockdown, as people have less spare cash in their pockets.

However, things are expected to improve as the lockdown eases.

Seidman added: "You can literally see the comeback on a state by state basis [in the US], as things come out and start to loosen up, as the peak crisis starts to pass."

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