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Zoom removes GIPHY temporarily

Zoom has temporarily removed GIPHY from its chat feature.

The video communications company has revealed that it has recently made a number of security updates, one of which includes removing GIPHY, but it will reinstall the feature once "technical and security measures have been deployed".

In a new blog post, Zoom explained: "We announced several recent security updates and user interface enhancements from the product team during the May 20 "Ask Eric Anything" webinar. [These include] temporarily removing GIPHY: To ensure strong privacy protection for users, we've temporarily removed the GIPHY integration in Zoom Chat. Once additional technical and security measures have been deployed, we will re-enable the feature."

Other changes made by the company including hosts and co-hosts granting access for screen sharing to other participants, creating a "specific audio chime for when someone hits the Waiting Room, so hosts are aware that they're there" and "for meetings that require registration, hosts can choose whether to allow participants to join from multiple devices".

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