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WhatsApp launches digital payments in Brazil

WhatsApp has launched digital payments - starting in Brazil.

The Facebook-owned messaging service rolled out the new feature on Monday (15.06.20) in the South American country.

It gives users the ability to send money to their contacts or local businesses within a chat, with the payment being uploaded like a photo or video.

Matt Idema, chief operating officer of WhatsApp, says it will be particularly helpful during lockdown.

He commented to Reuters: "WhatsApp is heavily used there, both by people and small businesses.

"We think we can help grow digital payments, help grow the digital economy with small businesses, and help support financial inclusion.

"We can't have the kind of interactions with each other that we normally would, if you want to lend someone cash or if you want to buy something from a local business."

The system uses Facebook Pay and will be free of charge, however business will have to pay a fee for receiving payments.

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