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Resuming business travel

Nearly half of businesses plan to resume domestic travel for work in the next three months.

A study by Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) of its members found that 49 per cent of businesses were keen to restart up travel again, most of it domestic, whilst one in five businesses are keen to resume international travel within the next three months.

Regionally, it is businesses from the United States (38 per cent) and Canada (33 per cent) which are most keen to restart business travel within the next 12 weeks, compared to the likes of Taiwan (13 per cent), China (12 per cent), the Asia Pacific (12 per cent) and Hong Kong (11 per cent) who are less keen to head abroad for work in the next three months.

Scott Solombrino, chief executive officer of the Global Business Travel Association, said: "To continue this trend, there is strong support from GBTA member companies who want consistent health and safety measures for every travel vertical. This is critical, and GBTA has been lobbying intensely on behalf of members. We have already seen great collaborative progress in the hotel and airline sectors."

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