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Be a virtual travel tester - and get paid!

A travel company are looking for a virtual travel tester.

Upgraded Points are on the hunt for someone to test virtual holidays and will give them a $1,000 payment that can be used on a real life trip abroad to one of the locations.

In the job description, they shared: "As the quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic continues, people are getting very creative about how they stave off cabin fever. One way that museums, theme parks, and other businesses are helping to keep people sane is by creating virtual tours that can give people a break from reality and help them scratch that travel itch. From Disney World to the Louvre to the Great Wall of China, the world has been made accessible through your computer screen. It might not be the same as a real trip, but it's certainly great for daydreaming. We're all going a little stir crazy, so we've been diving headfirst into these virtual tours and we've all picked our favourites. Which inspired us to do a little project. We're looking for someone to help us determine which of these virtual tours are the best ways to escape our quarantine cabin fever. We'll be enlisting someone to take 10 virtual tours, review their best features, and pick one as their dream destination once it's safe to travel again. In return, we'll be awarding the person $1000 in cash that can be put towards their dream trip!"

And Upgraded Points want someone with a "passion for art, exploration and adventure".

They added: "We're looking for someone with a healthy amount of wanderlust to select 10 virtual tours from our list and write reviews about them. The ideal applicant will have: an overall love of travel and culture; a passion for art, exploration, and adventure; strong attention to detail - nothing gets past you; the ability and availability to take 10 virtual tours within a month and an active social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter."

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