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Switzerland is the safest country to travel post-coronavirus

Switzerland is the safest country to travel post-coronavirus.

A study by Deep Knowledge Group revealed that the European country is the safest to travel to following COVID-19, as they looked at the country's quarantine efficiency, government efficiency of risk management, monitoring and detection, healthcare readiness, regional resiliency and preparedness for emergency.

The report shared: "Switzerland now occupies the #1 position as the safest region according to the present analysis, in large part due to a continuing decline in its rate of infection spread and mortality, and key factors that put it in a better position to maintain a healthy post-pandemic economy. In particular, its comparatively low level of state debt (roughly 33 per cent of its GDP), and its reputation as the major economic and financial epicentre of Europe, lends the region a high degree of economic resiliency in the face of the COVID-19 economic crisis being felt around the world. However, one major focus that the Swiss government should seek to offset moving forward in order to optimise its likelihood for a healthy post-pandemic economy is decreasing the country's dependency on export-related revenues as much as possible. Nearly half its GDP comes from exports to other countries (with 2/3rds going to the EU and US). If EU and US-based recessions occur, Switzerland's dependence on these regions for export-related revenues could be a major weakness."

Also to feature on the list was Germany, Israel and Singapore as well as Japan, Austria, China, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea completing the top 10 positions.

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