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UK residents still reluctant to travel domestically

People in the UK are still reluctant to travel domestically.

The Oxford COVID-19 Impact Monitor - which uses mobile phone data to decipher how people are moving across the country - shows that people are travelling less than 50 per cent of the distances they would travel pre-pandemic, despite lockdown restrictions easing across the country.

Movement is only increasing between two to three per cent each week, despite the big lockdown changes that came into force last Saturday (04.07.20).

Researcher Dr Adam Saunders said: "What appears to be happening is that more people have started to move further but only around the area in which they live. Travel beyond these home areas is more limited. So people have an inherent need to get out and about but they are keeping those activities relatively local in comparison to pre-lockdown movement patterns."

Dr Matthias Qian added: "We explain the slow and steady increase in mobility with the lockdown fatigue of the population while destination choices are limited. The key driver of population movement is the daily commute to work, and these commutes remain muted as many offices have yet to reopen."

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