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Find out if you're ready to travel following the coronavirus pandemic

A travel quiz promises to tell you if you're ready to travel following the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID Travel Edition Quiz asks each person 10 questions travelling in today's world, before advising you if you're ready to "Book, Pack, GO", you're "Distance Yearning", or if you still want to wait for"Sun Rays and Brighter Days".

The questions include, "what type of traveler were you pre-COVID?", as well as "did the pandemic alter your vacation plans this year?" and "how risky do you think it is to travel right now?"

Another question asks "which condition would boost your chances of planning a trip in the next six months?", with responses to select from including the emergence of a vaccine, flexibility for tickets and travelling by car instead of plane.

And when asked "what type of getaway sounds most appealing to you right now?", the answers included "home sounds most appealing right now. #staycationlife (sic)", "anywhere I can work or attend school remotely that isn't my house" and "a beachside resort with special activities".

And Ray Snisky, Group President of ALG Vacations, said of the quiz: "If you're comfortable going to the grocery store or post office, are you sure you wouldn't consider a vacation? Everyone has a personal threshold right now - what might feel risky to some people isn't even a question for others."

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