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Seabourn plan ultimate cruise for 2022

Seabourn have planned the ultimate cruise for 2022.

The luxury on-sea resort have unveiled their brand new 145-day cruise, titled '2022 World Cruise: Extraordinary Horizons'.

The voyage - which takes nearly five months all in all - will visit no less than 72 destinations and ports across 28 countries and five continents.

Destinations include the stunning Sydney, The Great Barrier Reef and Queensland Coast, where you can swim in the famous coral sea or visit the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge or visit Whitsunday Islands.

As the cruise makes its way to Asia, passengers will visit Japan, Korea and China including visits to Kagoshima and the Sakurajima volcano as well as Hiroshima's Memorial Peace Park and the Yangtze River.

Other destinations include Egypt, Petra and the Suez Canal as well as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Judea and Galilee.

Seabourn works alongside UNESCO in a unique partnership, meaning they can even organise special visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Josh Leibowitz, president of Seabourn, said: "Our 2022 World Cruise promises to be an extraordinary journey across the world, whether guests take the full world cruise or join us on one of the many segments, they will visit many of the world's most prized destinations and immerse themselves in diverse cultures. With so many of us limited on travel this year, booking a Seabourn world cruise for 2022 offers a much-needed extraordinary experience to look forward to and chance to explore the world around us."

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