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Travel abroad drops 93 per cent during coronavirus pandemic

Travel abroad has dropped over 93 per cent during the coronavirus pandemic.

As we would expect, travellers have headed abroad much less due to the current health crisis, but a study by travel insurers Squaremouth has revealed the extent to which holidaymakers from the United States have cut their travel.

Looking at travel six months before the pandemic was declared, visits to Italy from the US are down 93.89 per cent whilst Spain records a similar amount too of 93.16 per cent.

Similarly, for Costa Rica, travel is down 91.64 per cent, and France has seen a 90.78 per cent drop.

The United Kingdom has seen a similar hit with a 84.27 per cent reduction whilst the Bahamas sits with an 83.53 per cent fall.

However, travel across the United States is actually up slightly, by 7.48 per cent.

And on a wider scale, before the coronavirus pandemic, 86 per cent of all insured travel was to countries abroad but now that just counts for under half (47 per cent) of all insured travel. And when they do head away for a much needed break, domestic travellers are spending over a quarter (27 per cent) more on their trips now.

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