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Lack of business trips could change travel forever

A lack of business trips could change how we travel forever.

Business vacations, mixed in with leisure holidays, were becoming increasingly popular but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it now means business travel has dropped to record lows in its entirety.

In 2019, a study by the Global Business Travel Association revealed there were more than 400 million business trips in the United States alone in just one year in 2019. However, by April this year, 92 per cent of companies cancelled their domestic big trips, with 98 per cent of international trips down the drain.

Lindsey Ueberroth, CEO of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, explained: "When you look at the Londons, the New Yorks, the Vegases -every major city centre - corporate travel is the main driver of their tourism business ... I can work from anywhere, and my kids can study from anywhere. Why wouldn’t I drive somewhere and spend a week where my kids can be at the pool on their breaks? ... Coming out of this, the traveler is going to care a lot more about what properties are doing. How are they investing in their communities? If there’s one thing this has taught us, it’s the importance of taking care of people in your own backyard."

Misty Belles, managing director of global public relations for travel network Virtuoso, added of the changes: "People are realising, 'I don’t have to get back home, I don’t have to go to the office.' We’re seeing almost like rental agreements, where they’re staying at a hotel for two to three months."

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