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Three quarters of Americans don't want to travel around Thanksgiving

Nearly three quarters of Americans don't want to travel around the holiday period.

Thanksgiving, which takes place towards the end of November, and Christmas are usually some of the biggest times for travelling both around the United States and abroad but owing to the coronavirus pandemic, travel is down on this period.

A total of 72 per cent of US residents don't want to travel over the coming months, with slightly more (75 per cent) not keen to head away during the Thanksgiving holiday period, a study by Morning Consult revealed.

And when it comes to travelling, most people (85 per cent) would prefer to do this in a car, with matching high figures (78 per cent and 77 per cent) revealing they are uncomfortable about travelling by public transport and planes respectively.

And this money is unlikely to be used on other purchases, as just eight per cent said they would use this money to buy purchase more gifts for friends or family, whilst 66 per cent plan to instead save their money.

They wrote in their study: "From supply chains to shopping outings, much of the 2020 holiday season will be drastically impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, with a struggling economy and enduring social unrest making it especially unprecedented. These highlights set the scene for what’s already a unique season, but be sure to stay on top of evolving insights and critical business implications related to the 2020 holiday shopper as Morning Consult tracks the season ahead including plans for celebrating, traveling and entertaining, what, where and how consumers will buy and much more."

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