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Business travel could change indefinitely

Travel may never return to what it was before the coronavirus pandemic.

A new study has found that people are keen to work from home more and conduct meetings virtually, prompting a possible future reduction in international business travel.

And with studies finding productivity is generally better at home, it has meant that some companies are considering changing their travel policies going forward.

Chris Rogerson, Inmarsat Aviation’s vice president of global sales, said: "We’ve sat in our houses for a long time, we’re very used to doing business virtually now.

"Business travel will come down a little bit as we get used to these interactions being more digital, and airlines will have to adapt to this. Classic interaction points on the aircraft evolve over time and play a big role in making the inflight experience safer. People are being thrust into this digital world, and they’re so used to being connected in this form on the ground. There are many things that need to come together to make travel at the same scale we were seeing in 2019 possible."

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