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Asian passengers are most confident to travel

Over two fifths of Asian passengers have already travelled during the coronavirus pandemic.

Experts believe the Asian community are most confident to travel again during the health crisis as 60 per cent of Asia-Pacific passengers say they will feel fully ready to fly within the next 12 months.

David Coiley, vice president Asia Pacific at Inmarsat Aviation, said: "The Passenger Confidence Tracker reveals that Asian travellers are more confident with the safety of the passenger journey than their counterparts. This also reflects prevailing conditions in the region, where the spread of Covid-19 has largely abated across most markets, relative to other regions experiencing a resurgent wave of infections and further lockdowns. Given the level of consumer confidence, the outlook of the aviation industry in Asia-Pacific is looking optimistic ... In China, we saw domestic passenger volumes for the month of September increase from the same period last year, while domestic travel volumes in India are forecast to recover to pre-Covid levels by the end of the year."

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