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UK residents have the biggest appetite for travel

UK residents have the biggest appetite for travel post COVID-19.

A new study by Adara has revealed that people in the UK are more keen to get abroad than any other residents of European Union countries, with over one fifth (23 per cent) of all international bookings from Europe, the Middle East and Africa coming from the UK.

And when it comes to the chosen destination, over half (56 per cent) of UK travellers have made bookings for non-travel corridor countries that have high COVID infection rates.

However, how we book holidays has changed. And the study has revealed that most people prefer the last minute booking option, with 30 per cent of bookings being made between zero and 14 days before the holiday is due to take place. There is also a high uptake for bookings made over 90 days in advance, with 30 per cent of booked holidays being accounted for here.

Carlyn Corda, a marketing boss at Adara, said: "The appetite for booking holidays is still there. Travel is set for a big bounce back as vaccines roll out and people feel more comfortable."

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