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Vaccine brings hope for cruise liners

Cruise companies are hopeful the coronavirus vaccine will restart their business.

A new study has revealed that 32 per cent of Brits are keen to go on a cruise once they have their vaccine, giving hope for the travel industry going into this year.

The UK Travel Intelligence Report revealed that 33 per cent of people who want to cruise plan to do so within Europe over the next seven to 12 months if they have their vaccine, whilst this drops only a small amount to 32 per cent for travel to outside Europe with a vaccine.

And it was also revealed that 25 per cent of UK residents are keen to continue with their holiday plans over the next year, with 22 per cent of those living in the South East of England, 17 per cent of those in the Midlands and 13 per cent of those in the North West wanting to cruise soon.

And when it comes to price, over a third (37 per cent) of people who cruise admit to be tempted by cruise deals going forward whilst 47 per cent of those who already book cruise holidays insist their travel budget in 2021 will be the same as it has been for them in the past.

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