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Millennials feel less safe when they travel

Millennials feel less safe when they travel than their mature counterparts.

A study by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection as part of their State of Travel Insurance Report has revealed that younger people don't feel as safe as mature travellers when they head abroad, with 53.17 per cent of millennials agreeing with the statement that they feel safe when they travel, compared to 55.45 per cent of matures.

However, mature travellers are more likely to cancel their holiday if they thought it would be too dangerous, with 80.29 per cent of those surveyed confessing they would end their holiday plans over their fears compared to just 66.73 per cent of young people.

And millennials also admit to be more distrustful of people when they travel with 38.38 per cent young people agreeing to that statement, compared to 26.15 per cent of older people.

The report reads: "Younger travellers feel more strongly about travel in many ways – not only wanting travel insurance to be more technologically advanced, but also being scared and distrustful when they travel, taking more stuff with them, and taking more risks."

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