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Keenness to travel growing amid pandemic

Over a third of Americans are even more keen to travel following the pandemic.

A new study by has revealed that 38 per cent of US residents are eager to head abroad following the coronavirus pandemic, with a further 71 per cent of people keen to spend even more on travel this year after having missed out in 2020 due to the travel restrictions imposed across the world.

And when asked why they might want to travel again, over half (56 per cent) said they'd like to head away to reunite with their families whilst 53 per cent were also keen to travel for a winter holiday. Over half (51 per cent) are hoping to be able to travel by the time Thanksgiving comes around at the end of the year.

Juan Otero, CEO of, said: "This study reveals two key trends: Americans - and, to an extent, the rest of the world — are very bullish on travel in the second half of this year, and an increasingly large number of them want to pay for it in cryptocurrency. These two appetites are reflected in metrics, where we've seen both a record number of bookings and payments made in crypto, which has quickly emerged as a desired payment vehicle amidst a strong crypto market and a surge in places to spend it in the real world. We're eager to get people traveling safely again and to give them more flexibility and freedom with how they pay for it."

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