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Generation Z change travel approach

Generation Z have changed their approach to travel following the coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to documenting their holidays on their social media accounts, over two fifths (42 per cent) of people admit posting pictures with cliche captions is one of their pet hates whilst 35 per cent say they dislike when people copy and paste the usual tourist photographs or take selfies to show off their tan lines (26 per cent).

A quarter of those surveyed (25 per cent) hate those couples who overtly show off their love whilst jumping on the beach photos are a big no non for over one fifth (23 per cent) of those aged 18 to 25.

And when it comes to exploring a destination, 26 per cent of the young people surveyed admitted they missed out on exploring the culture of where they visited whilst a further 26 per cent said they did not explore nature or the outdoors enough.

Charles Knowlton, Global General Manager at Topdeck Travel, said: "It has been a disheartening year for young people , but our findings show that they are resilient and are ready to bounce back with new travel experiences."

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