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Travel confidence soaring

Over three quarters of people are more confident about travel in 2021 compared to last year.

As part of Global Rescue's Traveler Sentiment and Safety Survey, travellers were asked whether they feel more confident to travel this year than they did during 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, and 78 percent said they were "much less" or "less" concerned about travel safety in 2021 compared to 2020.

And it was also revealed that the fear of quarantine or getting a coronavirus infection dropped by nearly two fifths (37 per cent) this year compared to last. However, 22 per cent of people admitted they were "more" or "much more" concerned about health and safety measures this year.

Global Rescue CEO Dan Richards said: "Travellers are twice as likely to plan international trips within the next six months as they were in September 2020. Nearly three-quarters of surveyed travellers have already taken a domestic trip or are planning to take one before July."

Elsewhere, 91 per cent of people said they would have a COVID-19 test on-site before heading away whilst fourth fifths (80 per cent) would be happy to pay for the test too.

Nearly three quarters (70 per cent) would be happy if they needed a vaccine passport to open up travel for them internationally but they would be less keen if this was the case for domestic travel.

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