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Portugal are 'best value' holidays on UK's green list

Portugal are the "best value" holidays on the UK's green list.

A study by the Post Office has revealed that Portugal's Algarve is the best value holiday destination, which is currently on the UK's travel list, meaning people can head there without quarantining on return.

Overall, Thailand was listed as the best value long haul destination, with Bulgaria taking second place on the list, but it is currently under amber restrictions at the time of writing.

Eight tourist staples - including a a three-course evening meal for two with wine, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, a can of Coca-Cola, a large bottle of water, a cup of coffee, suncream and insect repellent – were priced up in various resorts across the UK with Sunny Beach in Bulgaria and Marmaris, Turkey also ranking highly for best value for holidaymakers.

Nick Boden, Post Office's head of travel money, said: "People who are hoping to take an overseas holiday and have not decided on their destination should make sure they know the regulations that apply to countries they are considering at the time of booking. When budgeting for their holiday, they should include all the costs of travel abroad in their planning. This does not just mean comparing package prices or flight costs but also doing their homework to check how resort prices have changed since their last trip. Big falls in many European and long-haul resorts spell good news – so choose carefully."

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