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U.S Travel Association launches a new Sustainable Travel Coalition

US Travel Association has launched a new Sustainable Travel Coalition.

The group made the announcement to bring about a more eco-friendly future for the tourism industry in the United states across the travel, transport and tech sectors.

The coalition - which currently has 60 members - will act as a source of information and advice about all things sustainability. In addition, they outlined their long term goals for the project, which includes showcasing the array of tech available to make things more sustainable, increase the spotlight on best ways to be greener, highlight why its important to the industry, actively work towards the goals proactively and stop harmful practices.

Tori Emerson Barnes, the US Travel Association Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy said: “Seeing the world and saving the world should not be mutually exclusive. As technology advances and consumers demand more sustainable travel options, the work of this coalition will ensure that the U.S. travel industry can meet the needs of an evolving market while also protecting our planet’s natural resources.”

She added: “This is clearly an issue that spans well beyond the travel industry itself to practically all other sectors of the U.S. economy. By bringing together stakeholders across related industries, we are aligning leaders in travel, transportation and technology on the critical issues that will affect their businesses for decades to come.”

To increase their goals, both members and non-members alike have lobbied President Joe Biden’s administration into giving tax credits for those opting for sustainable fuel, electric vehicles and other clean energy alternatives.

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