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Val d’Isere offers nature exploring opportunities

Val d’Isere is offering nature exploring holidays.

The premier ski resort is transforming itself into a springboard for wildlife lovers to dive into the local flora and fauna for the summer.

Franck Bortolotti will take guests on an adventure to help them get reunited with all their senses, provide tips on how to preserve the natural world and help walkers be able to identify wild plants suitable for adding to dishes.

Early birds can join in on an early morning slow mindful walk in the heart with Franck.

In addition, Franck also offers a evening walk in the forest, which features no artificial light to show people the best that nature has to offer in its natural light.

There is also the “grandmother’s walk” which will allow participants to understand what herbs and spices they can add to their kitchen pursuits, like wild spinach, dandelions, and yarrow, that come from the local area.

The final one is a “world of trees” walk, where people will be shown to Val d’Isere’s range of trees, such as larch and pine forests, with the option for a relaxing walk or a more extensive hiking trail across the The Vanoise National Park.

Across the Bailletaz nature reserve - which makes up half of the Val’ d’Isere commune - there are twenty rare species and 400 chamois mountain goats to spot across the high-altitudes.

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