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Holiday prices for UK travellers will continue to increase, says industry boss

Holiday prices for UK travellers will continue to increase, says industry boss

Holiday prices will continue to increase, according to an industry insider.

According to comments made at the International Air Transport Association at the beginning of June, carriers are still recovering from the recover from the groundings worldwide from the coronavirus pandemic, which means that ticket prices for getaways will be pushed higher.

Willie Walsh, the director-general of the International Air Transport Association, an industry-trade group, told the Independent: "The airlines will continue to do everything they can to keep costs in control as much as possible for the benefit of consumers.

Walsh noted that it was "unrealistic to expect" the airlines to do anything else in order to make a profit and while they are reluctant to keep prices rising, it is something they are duty-bound to do.

He said: "But I think it’s unrealistic to expect that airlines can continue to absorb all of the costs. ... It's not something we like to do, but it's something we have to do."

At the end of 2023, it was estimated that a typical holiday abroad from the UK costs £1,094 for nine nights away with a family of four.

Tim Clark, the Emirate airlines president, also noted that he didn't want people to "get boxes of tissues out and play the violins" at the situation as he insisted that the current situation is "amazing" in the grand scheme of things.

He said: "It is quite amazing that ticket prices are where they are today. think the value-for-money proposition that the consumers have had the benefit from for many decades is something that is one of those hidden bits of the narrative.”."

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