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Where to visit outside Toronto

Away from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant metropolitan city of Toronto and its famous CN Tower, the Canadian city is also home to some unusual but amazing sights. If you're visiting this vibrant city, why not take a step away from the usual hotspots of the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo and the Rogers Centre, and head out into the countryside where you're sure to discover some great sights.

Algonquin Provincial Park is one to put on the list. It may be a couple of hours away from Downtown Toronto but it is where locals head to escape city life for a few hours and take in the wonderful landscape Canada has to offer. For those keen to just take a stroll around the stunning postcard-perfect landscapes, there are walking trails of varying difficulties, each with their own trail guide booklet that can be picked up for a small cost from the Friends of Alogonquin Bookstores at The Visitor Centre and Logging Museum.

For those who are looking for a bit more adventure, there are activities including skiing, snowmobiling and canoeing. For the experienced (and the brave!) there is also whitewater canoeing available at a variety of rivers in the Park including Petawawa River, Madawaska River and Magnetawan River. However, water levels do vary throughout the year, with Spring Melt being the time with the highest levels compared to the late summer, where the water is at its lowest.

If you're looking for something really unusual to do, why not join one of the park's most popular programs called the Wolf Howl. It takes place on selected Thursdays in August and early September, dependent on the weather and accessibility of the wolves. The event starts with a talk about the wolf ecology at the Outdoor Theatre before everyone heads to a place on Highway 60, where the staff call out for the wolves and the wild creatures answer back.

For those who are headed to the Niagara Falls - around one and a half hours away from Toronto - why not pop by the quaint little town of Niagara On The Lake. Described as the "prettiest town in Ontario", this 19th century village - which is only a few minutes away from the famous falls - was originally called Butlersburg after Colonel John Butler, the Butler's Rangers commander. When it was given official status in 1781, the town was re-named Newark before eventually being given its current name.

During its eventful past, the town had been the first capitol of Upper Canada (as it was at the time) before the capitol eventually moved to York, now known as Toronto, to be further away from the war of 1812. The town was the site of an awful battle and later, during this time of combat, the town was burned down in its entirety. It was only the resilience of the local residents which brought this town back to where it is today.

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