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Where to get the best beer in Europe

If you're a fan of a good pint and want to travel further your local pub then why not explore some of these European countries, known for the excellent crafting of this alcoholic drink.

Belgium - arguably the beer capital of the world. This western European country is home to a variety of beers, everything from a pale lager to a sour ale. With 180 breweries across this country, you'll be spoilt for choice whatever kind of beer you're looking for. Rather than served in the British favourite - a can - most of Belgian's beers are sold and served in bottles, with the majority of each brand having their own special glass for their beer to be served in.

Beer has been brewed in Belgium since at least the 12th century. The first Trappist brewery in Belgium began operating in December 1836, making beer exclusively for the monks. It wasn't until June 1861 when there was the first recorded sale of beer in the country. Some of the best Belgian beers today include Chimay beers, La Chouffe ale and Brugse Straffe Hendrick ales.

In Germany, beer is part of the culture. From wheat beers to pale beers to dark beers, there is a huge variety and selection on offer during a visit to this country. There is even the Reinheitsgebot, nicknamed the German Beer Purity Law, which regulates the production of beer in the country. The Bavarian law of 1516 stated that beermakers must only use barley, hops and water to make their drink but products like yeast were later added to keep up with the new methods of creating the much loved alcoholic beverage.

Oettinger is the best-selling beer in Germany; selling 6.21 million hectolitres a year. However, if you want to give it a try, you'll be better heading off to a supermarket as Oettinger is mainly found in shops rather than behind the bar of a local pub. The Krombacher Pils is also a must try; it has an alcohol content of 4.8% and a finely bitter taste with a full-flavoured aroma.

It would be mad to miss out Ireland from this list, given that it is the home of the worldwide famous Guinness. Whilst there is debate on whether it is a beer or not, this stout is loved worldwide but there's nothing like drinking it in an Irish pub. If you're keen to see how its made, visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, which gives an insight into how they produce the well-loved product. For those who have purchased an adult ticket, there's even a complimentary pint of Guinness waiting for you at the Gravity Bar, whilst you enjoy the 360 degree view of Dublin.

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