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Adventure travellers taking it easy

Adventure travellers make time to go hiking and visiting friends and family on their holidays.

A study prepared by the Adventure Travel Trade Association has revealed that the top activities for the "adventure" traveller are visiting historical sites, going hiking and visiting their friends and family as well as camping, backpacking and attending festivals.

Archaeological expeditions, bird-watching and hunting were the activities which scored lowest on the list when people were asked what activities they want to do on their next travel.

This has changed dramatically since 10 years ago, when snowboarding, skiing and watersports used to top the bill for adventure travellers.

They wrote in their report: "When it comes to the definition of adventure travel, the survey results confirm a definition consisting of three elements: engagement with nature, physical activity, and cultural exchange.

"The most important components of an adventure experience are (1) being in a natural environment, (2) learning, (3) meaningful human experiences, and (4) experiencing a new culture. Risk and physical danger, although still notable components of adventure travel, seem to take a backseat for travelers when considered in relation to culture and learning.

"In fact, the statement 'Risk plays a large role in adventure travel' was favoured 45% less than the statement 'Experiencing a new culture plays a large role in adventure travel'.

"However, even though respondents do not rank risk as highly as other factors such as culture in playing a role in adventure experiences, they cannot describe adventure travel experiences without mentioning it when given the opportunity in an open-ended question.

"Certainly an essential feature of adventure travel experiences, the theme of challenge is very present in adventure travel, with keywords such as limits, risk, rush, dangerous, action, and reward used."

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