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Hotel choices influenced by social media

A fifth of people choose their hotel based on what they think will give them most clout with their social media followers.

A study by Expedia has found that nearly 20 percent of people in the Generation Z age range (those born in 1996 and above) chose a specific hotel because they think it will look good on their Facebook and Instagram channels.

It was also revealed that 36 percent of people in the generation Z age range also opted for a certain travel destination based on what they saw on social media.

They wrote in an introduction to the report: "Consumers have more options for searching and booking travel than ever, making it vital for providers to understand these travelers' thoughts and desires. Americans are shucking their materialism in exchange for life enriching experiences, growing social media influences, and highly customised interactions. Tapping into these trends will give travel providers a head start in reaching younger generations set to become powerful consumers. Earning their attention early will pave the path to winning their loyalty. Now is the time for a fresh look at travel, particularly the role of online travel agencies, and the preferences of younger generations like Gen Z (ages 21 and younger) towards traveling."

The study - which was carried out by Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics - also found that 50 percent of Millennials would sell their things, such as clothes or furniture, so they could travel more.

Sarah Gavin, Vice President of Expedia, Inc. Global Communications, said: "Insights into younger generations preferences are as good as a crystal ball, and currently their trends are pointing towards a great future for the travel space. Knowing what travellers of all ages prioritise is important, but the younger generations' growing love for travel is what keeps us going as we prioritize customer centricity, offering the best deals and the convenience of booking everything at once, all in one place."

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